Move Out Tips

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Its never too early to start packing for the move. These tips hopefully will help to eliminate some unneeded stress.

Active Realty Team

Organizing Tips

When packing up the house it is a great time to declutter.

Make piles to keep, recycle, trash, sell or donate going from room to room.

Remember to get a receipt for the donated items for tax time

Start saving newspapers and ask friends to do the same for you, this is cheap packing material

Start looking for free boxes, don’t forget to check out your local recycling drop-off areas,, liquor stores, U-Haul Box Exchange, bookstores, Free cycle (, your neighborhood app, or Facebook Marketplace

Use color coding tape for each room making it easier to ensure the boxes make it to the correct room for easy unpacking.

Designate an area to keep all your moving boxes, tape, markers, stickers, bubble wrap and other items. This will help you to stay organized and not to misplace items needed, hence less time searching

Keep floors, stairs and walkways clear of boxes to help prevent falls

Pack one room a day, give yourself time to get everything done without creating a lot of extra stress

Avoid packing multiple rooms into one box, keep rooms separated for easy unpacking and less confusion

Prepare a tote with cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water and such while you are unpacking and putting your new home together. Remember to keep a small tool box part of this tote to put together furniture and possible small repairs

Get all the warranty information, instruction books, and all other items that you are leaving for the new owner together and in one spot

Decide on How to Move

Consider if you want to move yourself or to hire movers.  You could also hire movers for the big items and move the smaller items yourself.

Research cost on different moving companies, how much notice do they need, what is the cost for their traveling to you and back to the office, how many people will they send, do they charge hourly, are there discounts for certain days in the week?

Check out what the cost of having PODS delivered, do you want a mover to move your items into the POD or will you do it yourself to save money?

Rental Trucks for moving yourself, do they come with dollies, moving blankets, or other supplies, what is the cost of mileage, what time do they close to get the truck back?

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team


Start packing areas that are less utilized such as the attic, coat closets, sheds and the garage

Do not overload boxes, think of your back

Go room to room and pack items that you do not use daily, this will help your house feel larger and as though there is room to spare, plus it is less to pack later

Use towels, potholders, blankets, pillows and such as packing material for delicate items saving you money on bubble wrap

Use pots to move spices, measuring cups and small kitchen items, use a dishtowel to protect the pot

Use plastic bags for clothes hanging in the closets with strings to keep everything nice and neat and clean. While the clothes are still hanging up open the trash bag and put the clothes in them and then tie the trash bag around the hangers keeping them in sections.

Tape lotion, shampoo, conditioner and laundry type bottles to help them from spilling creating you more work in the end

Take pictures of items that you are breaking down or complicated electronics so you don’t forget how to put them back together again

Tape screws in a baggie to where they go so you can find them easily

Use a garage wall to start placing boxes neatly against, this will help you cut down the hours needed for the moving company or to load yourself

Once it is time for the move, bring everything into living room from all other rooms for a fast and organized load time

Remember to lift with your legs

Utilities Old House

A week before it is time to leave call your water, gas, trash, electric, cable alarm and other providers and have them scheduled to disconnect your services

You might want to have the disconnect day the day after closing just to be sure

Cancel your current insurance company, you might have a refund coming from them

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team

Utilities New House

Now it’s time to schedule utilities at the new house, you don’t want to move into a dark house with no running water

This is a good time to purchase new door locks and deadbolts if you are going to change them out instead of rekeying them. Amazon is normally less expensive. Or schedule for the lock smith to be there to rekey move in day


Don’t forget to put in a change of address with the post office

Call and change your address with all your creditors, investments, current mortgage company so they can send you your escrow refund, your insurance company as you might have a refund coming from them too and others.

Make a list so you don’t forget anyone

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team

Day of Move

Pack each member of the family a couple days of clothes just in case, don’t forget toiletries and medicine

Have kids, pack games and snacks in the car to make your life a bit easier

Keep your pets dishes, food, beds and toys in the car to get them feeling comfortable at the new house

Get your tote that you packed with your cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, bottled water and such into the truck

After everything is moved out, go back through the house to make sure nothing was forgotten, check cabinets and drawers one more time

Make sure all the warranty and information books are where the new owners can find them

Make sure the house is clean and ready for its new owners

Bring a door stop to hold the door open to stop a lot of aggravation

Drive Safe!

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