Inspections Are Up to You


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Inspections are NOT required, except for a Termite, Septic and Well Inspections for VA loans.

As always you would need to talk with your lender as different lenders require different items.

An inspection can let you know of possible issues, what will need to be addressed, ask the seller to repair or just a honey do list once you own the home.

There are several different inspections you can order - home, pool, well, septic, roof, A/C, termites, foundations, stucco, and more.

There are many amazing inspectors out there. You can find several online.

Remember, not all inspectors do all inspections. There are inspectors for septic's, wells, pools, homes, pest control and more. So, you would choose the one or ones that best suit your needs and what you are wanting to inspect.

Remember to ask how long it will take to schedule the inspection(s) as your option period is time sensitive and if you go over your option date you are accepting the house as is with no repairs.

You do not send any inspection report to your lender, accept what is required.

Active Realty Team

Home Inspectors are general inspectors. They will provide you with an inspection report at the end of inspecting the home.  Please read the WHOLE report.

The first part of the report tells you what to expect, for an example of the report please go to

Once the inspection is finished the inspector will list out what they found.  The above link, “Example of Full Report”, will let you see what is inspected and what to expect.

There might be times that you might want to consider calling additional professionals.

    • Let us say the a/c is not providing the temperature in the house that it should – you could call an A/C and Heat Company for a professional second opinion
    • The roof inspection reveals that in the opinion of the inspector it needs replaced – you could call a professional Roofing Company for a second opinion
    • The inspector feels that the foundation is not performing – you could call a Foundation Company to come out for a professional second opinion
    • Same with plumbing issues – you could call out a plumber and so on

The whole process depending on the size of the house could take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

Let’s clarify, you do NOT have to do anything.  If you are fine and are willing to make the repairs after you own the house, that is perfectly okay.

If you are wanting the seller to pay for certain repairs, at times a professional second opinion may be requested by the seller or might assist in showing the seller that two professionals are in agreeance.

Active Realty Team

I suggest that you do not go to the house during inspection until the last 30 minutes. But this is your choice.

If you are there, asking questions and such, you might throw off the inspector and things might be missed. So, please consider showing up the last 30 minutes.  Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will go over what they found with you and answer your questions.

You do not need to go to the inspection if you do not want to.  The inspector will email you and myself the report if you approve them to do so.  Once you review the report you can call him or her, and they will go over the report with you and answer your questions.

Once we both have it, we can go through the report and you can let me know what you would like to ask the seller to repair, if anything.

I will prepare the Repairs Amendment and email it to you for signatures.

Once in hand I will send the amendment to the seller’s agent with the pages of the inspection report pertaining to the repairs being requested.

There might be some back-and-forth negotiations, but most of the time an agreement can be had.

If not then you have two choices, one- be okay with the fact that you will do the repairs after you own the house or two – terminate the contract and start looking for a new house.

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team

Once agreed upon, the process is finished, and it is time for your lender to order your appraisal.  You are moving forward.