Choosing a Realtor

Research Your Realtor® agent

Hiring a Realtor® is an important step and one that can cost you money and time if you choose the wrong one

This is an especially important relationship and one that could cost you, so please take time to research and ask them questions

Even if you were referred by a friend you need to do your own research

There are a few items to consider and to ask to make sure that the Realtor® or agent is the right fit for you.

Such as:

Is the agent a Realtor®

Having the Realtor® designation means that the Realtor is held to a higher standard and abides by the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics and has continuous training in the code of ethics to ensure fair treatment to all parties involved in a transaction. They have standard practices that they follow and uphold in regard to Duties to Clients and Customers, Duties to the Public, and Duties to Realtors® and other agents

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team

Most Important Question!

Is the Realtor® a FULL-TIME agent - real estate is their ONLY job or are they PART-TIME?
As a Full-Time Realtor during the day or evening, I will be there to:

  • Get questions answered for the buyer’s Realtor, so you don’t miss out on a great offer
  • Show your house to buyers when they are available
  • Send you offers when they come in, so you don’t miss a solid buyer
  • Be there when you need me to answer your questions
  • Show you homes when you are available
  • Get questions answered for you so you don’t miss out on a home you love
  • Write up and send contracts to the listing agent for the house you want to purchase, to win the contract for you during the day or evening
  • And more

Education - What Training have they had

You can look up any Realtor® or agent by going to

To the right you will see a box that says, “License Holder Search”, type in the Realtor® or agents name and hit search

Click on the Realtor® or agents name that you are looking up

This will bring you to their license page with their license number, their brokage information, and their Real Estate Education History

Things to look for:

  • When was the last time they had further education?
  • Are they getting further education throughout the year?
  • Are they staying up to date on needed information to better serve you?
Active Realty Team

What Designations do they hold?

  • Type in the Realtors® agents name into your internet bar, such as “Sheri Burton Realtor”
  • Click on the one that ends in

  • Scroll to the bottom and the Destinations are listed there
  • Some Designations are not from HAR so they do not show these but the Realtors® or agents’ website should show the other designations, or they will note them within their BIO

Do they Participate in the Ratings Program? If not, why?

  • This program in not mandated but every professional Realtor® or agent should participate to know how to better themselves and share with other prospective Sellers or Buyers what other clients liked and did not like.
Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • Do they belong to the MLS where your home is? This is important
  • If not, they will use another Realtors® or agents MLS subscription and list themselves as the point of contact and that just makes things messy
  • Plus, this normally means that they are not in your area so they can not open doors to buyers and give you the full service you deserve

Do they use Professional Photographers?

  • I have seen a lot of Realtors® and agents take the pictures themselves and this is not the best way to get your house sold, as buyers first impression of your home is online
  • There is an added cost to the Realtors® and agents but it is in your best interest
  • Are they present with the professional photographer when they are taking pictures to ensure nothing is missed and everything looks the best it can in the pictures?
Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team

Do they provide professional Brochures for buyers at your home?

  • When buyers are looking for properties, they all start to run together throughout the day
  • Having a professional brochure for them to take with some pictures and information will keep your home in front of them even after the day has ended

Where are they located?

  • Is the Realtor® or agent within a distance to be able to go and open the door for buyers to view if needed?
  • Will they open the door if a buyer calls and their agent cannot come open the house?
Active Realty Team

Once you have researched and received all the above questions and feel comfortable with the Realtor® you decided to represent you, you are on your way to selling your house.