Buyers Roadmap to Purchasing

Active Realty Team


Sit down and list out what is important in the property that you desire

Location, neighborhood, land size, bedroom, and bathroom number, garage, etc


Partner with me,

I will be on your side to help you navigate buying a property

A part time agent cannot be there for you when you need them, they are working another job

Listing Agents duties are to the seller not you, so have your own Realtor®

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team


You do not want to miss out on the perfect property by not being ready

We cannot put in an offer without an approval letter

I can suggest three mortgage companies plus there are hundreds more on the internet

Make sure that they are not a mortgage broker but a lender, there is a big difference

Make sure you always get your lender whatever they need as soon as you can

Delays can cost you money and even the property


I will set you up with an automatic search that will come right into your email when new properties come available that match your desires and price range

If you are interested go and look at the outside of the home and neighborhood

Still interested call me to find out more information and I will set up an appointment and show you the inside of the house

Remember this is a partnership

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team


I will create a Comparative Market Analysis to help you determine what to offer

You will sign the contract and several addendums via DocuSign sent to your email

Please read them

Once signed they are sent back to me automatically and I forward them to the Seller’s Listing Agent

There may be a few back and forth negotiations but this is normal so do not worry



Now the countdown begins

There are several deadlines that must be met

Lucky for you I will take care of these dates and keep you on track

All you must do is get your lender and title company what they need asap

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team


Your option period is where you will complete inspections

You have the house, roof, foundation, pool, septic, well, termite, lead, soil, and anything else you choose

Do not worry I will help you through this process

Once inspections are completed, we will go over the report and you will decide what you want to ask the seller to repair

I will email you the Repairs Amendment to sign then I will send it to the Seller’s Agent

Sellers will sign or advise what they will and will not do and then you decide if you wish to continue

This too I will help you navigate


Time to order the appraisal

Your lender orders it and normally you will have to pay for the appraisal before they move forward  

Sometimes, you can ask the lender to allow you to pay it at closing

This is helpful if the seller has given you closing cost contributions

Less out of your pocket the better!

Once it is emailed to you, please forward me a copy

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team


If the seller does not have a survey or the sellers survey is not approved by the Title Company, you will need to order a new one

You can do this or let the title company order it with vendors that they know and trust and normally get better rates

The survey is needed to close as the Owners Title Policy is connected to it


Your almost done

The day before or the day of closing depending on your closing time, we will go to the property and make sure that there is no damage to the property

You do not want to close on a house that is flooded due to a broken pipe

That is why the walk through is so important

Active Realty Team
Active Realty Team


Get ready to do a lot of signing and no, you cannot bring a stamp many have asked☺

You will need to bring your picture ID and a cashier check for the amount that your lender gave you

This amount will be on the 3-day Notice or Closing Disclosure sent to you by your lender

After you and the seller have signed all the documents and the lender approves them, the title company will let us know when you are funded. Meaning that your lender has released the money. This can be in 10 minutes to 2 hours, just depends on the lender

Congratulations you are a new ranch, house or land owner


All your hard work paid off

Now it is time to move in, get comfy, make memories and start the next chapter of your life

This may be the end of the process of buy a property

but I will always be there for you to answer any questions you may have or direct you to the right place

Active Realty Team

Please Stay in touch

Have questions? Please give me a call, I am here for you