Insurance Needs


Home Insurance, Flood Insurance and sometimes Wind Insurance is one of the last steps to getting to the closing table and making the house your new home.Here is more information about these insurance coverages for your knowledge:

Home Insurance -
Flood Insurance - FEMA Explains
Wind Insurance -

Your lender will require you to have one year of insurance paid for at the closing table or before, and they will guide you on what you have to have to fulfill this requirement

As always there are thousands of insurance agencies to choose from online

The below companies are insurance brokers and insurance price and products that you are wanting and needing. Unlike insurance agents, who are focused on serving the companies they work for, insurance brokers want to serve their clients. When a client arrives at an insurance broker's office and expresses a need for insurance, the insurance broker talks with the agent about the options and gets an idea of the kind of insurance coverage which would be most suitable for the client. Armed with this information, the broker can shop the client's file around to several insurance companies, finding a company which will be a good fit for the client.

This is also a good time to see if they can possibly save you money on all your insurance needs

Here are a few to get you started in no particular order: